How to Start

Tell us about your business and vision for the future and we will show you the way.

Who is WE-Cloud for?

Medical devices


Sensor data aggregation

Remote control and monitoring industrial equipment


Remote control and monitoring

Remote device support

Street lighting systems

Electric consumption smart meters

Water leaking detection

What do we do?

We help you understand the technologies involved, resources required, limitations, advantages, cost, compatibility and scalability to take your business to the next level.

We complete full turnkey projects or develop IoT Application modules based on Azure IoT Technologies.

If your aim is to work with  IoT Backend we will develop the API for  them to integrate.

If your assets are globally widespread, we will develop an IoT System to connect them to. You will manage them with the click of a button.

We will help you know when the next maintenance should take place or predict an upcoming failure allowing you to repair it before it happens.

Monitor and control industrial equipment remotely by using Azure IoT technologies.

With the use of anomaly detection models you can predict product behaviour and be prepared to overcome the challenges ahead.




IoT Software Development

Our expertise comprises Azure’s IoT Hub, Edge and SQL Edge.

From configuration to deployment, firmware development, device status management, role definitions, all the expertise required in connected products and apps, connected systems, and data-driven connected businesses is found here.

Our Cloud Platforms

Making the Best Out of Azure IoT


Azure IoT Hub hosts the array of Microsoft IoT services basing them on the cloud. Azure IoT Hub, to which every IoT device is authenticated by and connected to with a unique ID, receives messages from that specific device and sends commands and data back to it. The Azure Iot partner network to which WE-Cloud belongs to will allow you to meet Microsoft’s Azure IoT assets highest potential.


Azure IoT Edge takes it to the next level by connecting directly to the device without requiring internet connection, which can be unavailable at any moment. Azure IoT Edge offers a hybrid IoT solution enabling the devices to be connected to the Hub offline. With a deep knowledge of IoT solutions and accumulated experience with OEM manufacturers, here at WE-Cloud we will provide you with guidance helping you decide on the best IoT option for your industry and accompany you during its implementation.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Many versions of Windows 10 have been published since its first appearance in 2015. With the emergence of IoT technologies, Microsoft created Windows 10 IoT Enterprise -former Windows Embedded-, destined to OEMs. In order to start manufacturing with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise you will need to go through a Windows IoT distributor like Arrow, you will then be directed to a private consultation for guidance with the IoT manufacturing process, a process upon which We-Cloud appears in Microsoft’s IoT ecosystem. The consultation process up to the implementation of the system is guaranteed by We-Cloud where we specialize in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long-term Servicing Channel) for OEMs, offering solutions for the installation, customization, image creation for mass production and integration with OEM devices. It is with We-Cloud that things start getting done.

Personalized Training

If you are looking for more autonomy getting on board with the latest IoT technologies, WE-Cloud offers on customer’s site and private virtual tutoring. You will receive a personalized approach from an accomplished, attentive and dedicated instructor and improve your IoT skills.